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Swedish Absolut Vodka recently presented their new brand-embassador: Lenny Kravitz. Lenny is following a Promo series called "inspired by..." featuring artists from all over the world to produce their piece of work for the Absolut brand and it's image.

"Kravitz said that he was inspired by Absolut’s core values of clarity, simplicity and perfection. ‘There’s nothing more simple, clear or perfect than the essence of true love,’ he says. ‘Once I’d felt that, the track just came.’"

Ok, Catching Lenny was a nice draw by Absolut's marketeers. However.. I don't like Kravitz preaching about the "core values" and him being used as a super-icon for Absolut. How come this shift from the more decent Absolut "Whatever" strategy to this stadium-banger? Is the Absolut Claim getting just random now picking up anything that could be nice for the brand image?




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Absolut Vodka recently presented their new brand-embassador: Lenny Kravitz. Lenny is following...
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